Apple Info

What do I do with all of these beautiful apples?

All of our apples are great for eating fresh. Storing your apples in a cool place like your refrigerator will help them last for 4-6 weeks. Take care not to bruise them when handling to get the longest lasting apples. So don’t worry if it seems like you’ve picked “too many apples”. There’s no such thing!

What apples are best for baking and cooking?

While the most popular way to eat apples is to eat them fresh, they’re also GREAT cooked especially when paired with cinnamon and pastry. Apples are also delicious in salads, slaws, and sautéed with pork.

Pro tip: You really can use any apple for any of your favorite recipes. For example you can use Honey Crisp in salads or pies, but most people would rather eat them fresh!

For apple sauce we recommend McIntosh or Empire apples. The top varieties we recommend for baking or cooking are Braeburn, Jonagold, and Golden Delicious. Pro tip: Use two varieties of apple in each pie for the best flavor!