Picking Schedule and Pricing

Closed until late August 2024!

What’s Picking?

Check out our picking schedule and varieties here!

The pick-your-own orchard will only be open on weekends this season.

Gates open at 9am. The latest time to enter the orchard is 5pm.

**We will be open as long as there are apples to pick. Due to the weather this spring there are fewer apples than we’d like to see out there. Keep an eye on this page and on our social media before you come out for the latest updates! We want everyone to enjoy their picking experience!

Variety Dates
Pumpkin BOGO $10 each. No limit on pumpkin BOGO.
Limited Supply Golden Delicious
Limited Supply Red Delicious
Oct. 21st-22nd
Mid-Season “seconds” SALE! $10 off per bag
Red Delicious and Golden Delicious
Buy-One-Get-One Pumpkins SALE!
Oct. 15th
(Closed Oct. 14th)
Mid-Season “seconds” SALE! $10 off per bag
Jonathon, Red Delicious, Gala
PUMPKINS $10 each
Oct. 7-8th
Red Delicious
Sept. 30th-Oct 1st
HoneycrispSept. 23rd-24th
McIntosh & GalaSept. 23rd-24th
Sept. 16th-17th
Sept. 9th-10th
BlondeeSept. 2nd-3rd
Sept. 9th-10th
Sept. 16th-17th
Zestar (Parent of the Honeycrisp)August 26th-27th
We’ll update this frequently so keep coming back if you don’t see your favorite variety yet! We will also post updates to our social media pages. *Depending on availability

Pricing 2023 Season

1 Peck Bag


Our most popular bag.

Great for a couple or small family.

Will give you enough apples to snack on or put in lunch boxes!

1/2 Bushel Bag


Best value bag.

You will have plenty of apples with a 1/2 bushel bag!

Great if picking for pies or sauce or for giving apples to friends, family, teachers, or co-workers

Apples can stay fresh for a long time so don’t worry about them going to waste!

2+ Peck Bargain


Value and convenience.

Buy 2 or more peck bags for $25 each

Good value for those who want two or more peck size bags for convenient picking

Pumpkin Price 2023: $10 each for pick-your-own
*While supplies last!

What Varieties Do You Have?

With 13 varieties we have something for everyone all through the fall season! Here’s our list from what’s ripe early in the season in late August through the end of the season at the end of October. Every season’s a little different and weather dependent so this order may change a little year to year.

  • Zestar
  • Blondee
  • McIntosh
  • Gala
  • Honeycrisp
  • Empire
  • Jonathon
  • Early Fuji
  • Jonagold
  • Golden Delicious
  • Red Delicious
  • Fuji
  • Braeburn

Important: Please no pets allowed in the orchard. Drive up to the check-in and out to the trees. Be kind to other customers and our volunteers.